Summer Camp Scholarships

Reilly-Bialczak Scholarship Fund

The Maine Township Reilly-Bialczak Scholarship Fund was initiated to provide an opportunity for the children of residents who are encountering financial hardship to participate in local park district summer camps. Children must be 18 years of age or younger to be eligible. Students over age 18 who are currently enrolled in high school as a full-time students are also eligible.

History and Purpose of the Program

The Reilly-Bialczak Scholarship Fund started in the 1990's as the James Reilly Scholarship Fund. This scholarship was named after James Reilly, a Maine Township Trustee. Trustee Reilly realized that working families faced a child-care hardship in the summer months. During the school year, there are after school programs to assist families. After he researched programs available to the community, Trustee Reilly proposed a scholarship program to send children to summer day camp. The program was seen as a success in unincorporated Maine Township and it was expanded to include all low-income Maine Township families with children up to 18. With the untimely passing of the Maine Township Administrator, Margie Bialczak, in 2005, the scholarship was renamed the "Reilly-Bialczak Scholarship" as Margie Bialczak was instrumental in the creation and success of this Park District Summer Camp program.

Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • Only residents of Maine Township may be considered for scholarship assistance.
  • Proof of residency and financial need must be provided.
  • Income for the families applying for scholarship assistance may not exceed 300% of the poverty guidelines established by the federal government.
  • Items considered when evaluating an application will include, but are not limited to: family income, current participation with public aid, the SNAP program, and subsidized housing program.
  • Only original documents will be accepted. No faxed documents or copies accepted.
Application Procedure

  1. Select camp and sessions that your child/children will attend for which you are requesting assistance.
  2. File an application for financial assistance with the Park District.
  3. Call 847-297-2510 x231 to schedule an appointment for an interview to submit required documents and Reilly Bialczak Scholarship Fund application.
  4. Once your application is approved, payment will be sent to the Park Districts after registration is confirmed. If you do not register your child for the original requested amount, the amount awarded will be adjusted accordingly.
You can view answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Reilly-Bialczak Scholarship Fund. Please contact us at 847-297-2510 with any questions.