Our tutoring program provides personalized assistance designed to improve academic success and is open to students in grades 1-6. Using a small-group format, our experienced tutors work with participants to improve their academic skills and self-confidence. These certified teachers provide weekly, one-hour, in-person tutoring sessions. Each tutor is assigned to a group of four students and works with those students both individually and collectively.   

This ten-week program is offered for a minimal cost of $50. Participants must be in grades 1-6, meet family income guidelines, and reside in Maine Township (or attend a Maine Township school) to qualify for participation in this program. 

The next session will meet from 4-7 pm (three 1-hour sessions) on Tuesdays at the Maine Township Town Hall from 10/4/23-12/6/23. 

Register Online

For more information, please contact Emily Toomey at etoomey@mainetown.com or 224-257-4853.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Number in Family Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income
1 $3,645 $43,740
2 $4,930 $59,160
3 $6,215 $74,580
4 $7,500 $90,000
5 $8,785 $105,420
6 $10,070 $120,840
7 $11,355 $136,260
8 $12,640 $151,680
9 $13,925 $167,100
10 $15,210 $182,520

Court ordered child support paid out of childcare cost can be deducted from these income levels.