Property Tax Appeal

Susan Moylan-KreyMaine Township Appeal Dates and Calendar

Each year the Cook County Assessor determines when Maine Town will open for appeals.  Click this button to view the most recent assessment calendar.

Appeal Deadlines

Important Information About Appealing Your Property Assessment

The Cook County Assessor reassesses properties every three years. During that time, Triennial Reassessment notices will be mailed to all residents in Maine Township. This notice should reflect the estimated Fair Market Value of your home based on a statistical model that uses real estate market data to estimate the value of homes that haven’t sold. This model is used to predict values for all residential properties. For residential properties, in most cases, this assessment will remain the same for three years. During non-triennial years, no notices are mailed but residents can file an appeal while Maine Township is open.

If residents do not file an appeal to the Cook County Assessor, or if they are not satisfied with their decision, an appeal may be filed to the Cook County Board of Review.  

When Do I File an Appeal?

If you feel your assessment is incorrect, you have the right to file an appeal.    The most common reasons to file an appeal are:

  1. Lack of Uniformity – “like type” of properties (similar square footage, age, and construction), in the same neighborhood and property class, are assessed less.
  2. Overvaluation – if you purchased a home in a recent arms’ length (open market) sale and the purchase price is less than your current 2022 Estimated Market Value or you have had an appraisal you may file an appeal. Supporting documentation, such as a Settlement Statement from the closing within the last three years or a USPAP-compliant appraisal within the last 18 months can be used to support an appeal.
  3. Major Error in Property Description – If an error such as incorrect square footage, classification, or an error that may affect the market value, an appeal should be filed. Minor errors such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms may not indicate an incorrect assessment.
How do I file an Appeal?

You have several different options for residential property:

  1. The Maine Township Assessor’s Office can assist you. The best way to reach us is to call us at 224-257-4830.  Please leave a message with your name, address, telephone number, PIN, Email, and a short message on what you are requesting. Please do not call more than once.  We will not be able to return all calls immediately, and repeat requests will simply slow down the process.  An appointment is required to see a Maine Township Deputy.
  2. You can file an appeal online yourself.
  3. You have the right to hire an attorney if you wish.


As a homeowner of a condominium, you have the right to file an appeal however it is often better for the property tax appeal to be filed as a group on behalf of all units to ensure uniformity and often has better results.  Maine Township is not given individual assessments for condominiums. We suggest you contact your management company or the president of the association to see if they are planning on filing an appeal as an entirety.  


Frequently, Maine Township will partner with the Cook County Assessor and/or the Cook County Board of Review to offer workshops on how taxpayers can appeal their assessments. These seminars are very informative in explaining the tax cycle and how to properly appeal your assessments. All information will be posted on the front page of our website.  

Maine Township Neighborhood Map

Click on the link below to see how each neighborhood has been defined by the Cook County Assessor.

Maine Township Neighborhood Map