Peer Jury

Peer Jury, which began in 1997, is a positive approach to juvenile crime that often has a greater impact on the juvenile offender than court. This restorative justice program, offered in partnership with the Des Plaines and Park Ridge Police Departments, allows first-time, non-violent offenders to bypass the court system and instead be sentenced by a jury of their peers.

Offenders often receive meaningful community service assignments or additional recommendations such as counseling or various forms of restitution. MaineStay matches juveniles with local community service sites and oversees their effort to ensure their work progresses smoothly.

The goal of this program is to reduce juvenile delinquency and repeat offenses later in life and to improve decision-making skills. It offers a valuable contribution to local organizations and non-profits that benefit from the volunteer work the youth are able to perform. It is not uncommon for students to choose to continue at a site beyond their required hours because of the benefit they have received in being a valuable part of something greater than themselves.

For more information, please contact Evan White at or 224-257-4868.