Monthly Calendar of Events

Social & Recreational Activities

We have a wide variety of social and recreational activities to choose from. Some examples of monthly and bimonthly programs are Bingo and Movie Showings in our community room, Twilight Dining (dining experiences at local restaurants), and Day Trips. Day Trips include deluxe motorcoach transportation to popular destinations like Broadway musicals, museums, and a variety of interesting excursions. During the warm months, we like to enjoy the outdoors by having evening Tailgate Bingo and Outdoor Concerts in our parking lot. For the cold months, we bring you back indoors to one of the local banquet facilities for Luncheons with entertainment and bingo.


There are many days of different exercise programs we provide. On Monday evenings, we offer Yoga in our boardroom; on Mondays and Wednesdays we offer Senior Aerobics at the Feldman Center; and on Thursdays we offer Zumba Gold, also at the Feldman Center.  Feel free to call if you are interested in trying out a class.

Informative & Educational

A lot of our informative programs are also social because they may include a lunch at a local banquet facility.  We like to have a wide range of topics, so we have had programs on everything from Pan Am Stewardess, Lost Chicago Department Stores, Princess Di, Edgar Allan Poe, to The Chernobyl Disaster.

Our ongoing Educational classes are bimonthly Computer Workshops, quarterly Secretary of State's Rules of the Road refresher class, and AARP Driver Safety Course. We also like to keep you up to date with programs such as AARP's Smart DriverTEK, Understanding Medicare, and Making Wise Decisions as We Age.

Activities from Home

Here are some activities you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Staying healthy is vital and we added a few links to home exercises for you to stay fit with Regina Mundt (MaineStreamers Zumba Gold Instructor) sharing some workouts with you through YouTube videos.

Chair Workout

Gentle Chair Yoga