Code Enforcement

Maine Township has the authority to enforce various regulations in our unincorporated area such as property maintenance, garbage, parking ordinances, vehicle storage, exterior maintenance, accessory building and materials, vegetation, driveways and walkways, parkways, and snow removal.

While we diligently enforce local codes and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of our community, we recognize that HOAs and condominiums have their specific rules and guidelines governing private properties within Maine Township. As a result, any issues or disputes arising within an HOA or condominium properties, such as architectural guidelines, utilities, landscaping, or other internal matters, fall under the purview of the respective HOA or condominium management. 

The Code Enforcement Office was started in response to complaints from residents of the unincorporated area that local building and land use codes were not being enforced. The lack of code enforcement resulted in a deterioration of the quality of property in the unincorporated area. In 1997 Maine Township implemented a new state law providing for a township code enforcement officer. The landmark legislation was sponsored at the request of our township. The new law granted Maine Township the authority to enforce property maintenance, and garbage and parking ordinances, something it previously could not do. Among the possible areas of concern to our Code Enforcement office are vehicle storage, garbage, exterior maintenance, accessory building and materials, vegetation, driveways and walkways, parkways, and snow removal. Residents may refer to the Maine Township Code of Ordinances for more details.

The goal of the Code Enforcement office is to ensure the compliance with community standards that will result in an improved quality of life for all residents and a continuing increase in property values for homeowners. The Code Enforcement office seeks to achieve these goals through educating residents about their responsibility as property owners.

Report a Concern

If you are concerned that township codes are not being obeyed, you may report your concern to the Code Enforcement office. You do not need to provide your name and all communications will be kept confidential. Please make your complaint by calling 847-297-2510, emailing, or by writing a letter addressed to:

Nader Ghazaleh
Maine Township Code Enforcement Office
1700 Ballard Road
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Code Enforcement Procedures

Once a complaint has been received, our Code Enforcement Officer will visit the property in question to assess the situation. The officer will try to contact the property owner personally to discuss the code violation. If the property owner is not present at the time of the inspection, the Code Officer will write up a Notice of Deficiency which will detail the specific code violation and what steps are required to bring the property back into compliance. The notice includes a warning that a fine of up to $500 may be assessed if the violation is not corrected within ten days. After ten days the officer will check the property to see if the deficiency has been corrected. If no correction has been made then a second notice will be left at the property and a phone call will be attempted to speak directly to the owner. If compliance is still not achieved then a fine will be issued.

Garbage Collection

Garbage pick-up is not provided by Maine Township. Each property in the unincorporated area is required to contract independently for refuse removal. Unincorporated residents should contact Flood Brothers at 630-261-0400 to establish an account for garbage removal. Please refer to the Flood Brothers Residential Guide for more details. Residents can no longer put any electronic waste in their regular garbage. Please help keep Maine Township a clean place to live. It’s everyone’s job.

Senior discounts are available for seniors age 65 or older who complete and return the Senior Discount Form. Please call Flood Brothers at 630-261-0400 any questions.

Flood Brothers Residential Guide

Yard Maintenance

All property owners are required to maintain their yards and parkways to minimum township standards. This includes weed control, keeping grass below six inches, and disposing of clippings and leaves through your refuse collection contractor. No yard waste of any kind is to be left on the street or parkway. For more information contact Flood Brothers at 630-261-0400.

Abandoned Vehicles

Prior to the creation of the Code Enforcement office, the unincorporated area was overrun with abandoned cars and vehicles parked on lawns and parkways. This problem has been virtually eliminated through aggressive action by the Code Enforcement office.

The Code Enforcement office is charged with making sure all unincorporated areas vehicles display a current license plate sticker. Failure to display a sticker in a timely manner can result in a vehicle being declared “abandoned” and subsequently towed.